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You and Me

You and Me stands for the connection between two living beings. Human to human, human to nature, human to animal, human to spirit. Building these relationships is a vital part of our life experience and can also be key to our success in transforming a dream into reality. For us, it all started with one real, honest & vulnerable conversation and that lead us down a path to healing & a whole new world of opportunity beyond our wildest imaginations.


Our Story

We are Barney & Kada Miller, a couple of dreamers from Sawtell, NSW, Australia. Over the past 10 years we have been on a journey of healing & self discovery. A journey that has led us down many roads, some harder than others. But the best part of it all has been the people we have been fortunate to meet, the places we have seen & the experiences that have given us a lifetime of memories to share.

Our Story

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